=Molly Ringwald

Between classes, I often find myself thrifting. What better way to spend an hour? Last week, I made my routine visit, just to browse and see what came in (plus I’m waiting for the day when I’ll be blessed with a double-deck cassette player). First I came across some lovely granny shoes, perfectly plum and perfect for working retail, but then I also found¬†the vest. Not my usual style, or at least that’s what I thought. It was far too late 80’s romance and..dare I say…stereotypical hipster. But once I finally convinced myself to buy it (and considering the price, it wasn’t a long debate), I couldn’t stop wearing it. The color palette itself was glorious, but the rich texture was the true gem. Needless to say, I was Molly Ringwald a la Pretty in Pink for a solid week.



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& Like a Phoenix

My life is in shambles. As I cling to what remains, I try and resurrect my blog. It’s been far too long since an update, but I’m not going to give up.

To get an extra classy shot, I changed my locale to the bathroom. The lighting was surprisingly effective, and I thought there was no better way to celebrate the renewal of my blog. Keeping with a simple, classic color scheme gives plenty of room to edge it up without looking like you belong on a corner (although, sometimes that look can lead to some surprising inspiration). I’d like to imagine this leads more to post-punk than prostitute. You’ve got the rebellion of the pleather shorts and my latest hooker tights, paired with an unassuming button-down. The juxtaposition makes for a tasty tid-bit.

If you need a soundtrack for the outfit, try some Psychedelic Furs. They’re kinda sick.

Class Act


Percent Thrifted: 20%

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% I Appear to like Shorts…

Not only are my posts becoming increasingly less frequent, they are also becoming a bit repetitive. For that, I must apologize. I’m sorry for my addiction to high-wasited short-shorts. I try and produce my most innovative outfits for this blog, but it seems I’ve hit a slump. Not that my fashion is slipping (never) but I’m not pushing myself as I once was. *shame*

This, I promise you, will be the last of the short-shorts for a while…and I’ll really try to branch out more. I will. Any way, this outfit is really about the textures. I’ve got velvet going, some tapestry shorts and a lil’ bit of satin in my bow tie. It’s got a classic feel due to the simple and familiar shapes, but by introducing some unexpected colors and textures, it becomes much more eye-catching.

Percent Thrifted: 42%

Proper Pants

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& Le Seuil

It’s strange how unpredictable personal style is. For instance, I was so certain of the change in direction of my style and my increasing appeal to a more polished look….but lately the disheveled grunge has been sneaking it’s way back in. Perhaps it’s my hectic schedule to blame. After all, to look a bit un-done is not only less time consuming (usually), but also a tad more comfortable.

I guess one could say this outfit is a merge of the two, a sort of visual representation of my presence on the threshold. The blazer leans towards a more put-together ensemble while the hooker tights say otherwise. Well, there was never a greater crime than to try and control the natural instincts of fashion. You should never try and force yourself into anything. I’ve been asked how I put together my outfits multiple times, and the answer is simple: instincts.

Percent Thrifted: 37.5% (of course that is including the outfit making blazer…)


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^ Buttons Make the World Go Round

My schedule has become a cruel mistress. Between school, my two jobs and an internship…where does one live?

Long overdue, I come to present you with my latest fashion creation. The outfit isn’t wholly inventive but this is meant to focus on the shirt itself. I actually found this little number at my favorite Goodwill. Who could possibly pass up mustard yellow AND shoulder pads? As beautiful as it already was, I had even bigger plans when I purchased it.

I’ve been wanting to bedazzle something with buttons for quite some time. ¬† I knew it was bound to look at least a little tacky, but that’s part of the beauty. So I finally did it, and in addition I actually made it a crop top too. A high-low crop top that is. The potential with thrifted goodies really is endless. After all, it’s a lot easier to cut up something when it was dirt cheap.

Percent Thrifted: 80% (Everything but the Knee-highs baby)


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* Stolen Skirt

Rust orange is quickly becoming a deep obsession of mine. First, there was the faux fur coat, then the crop top…now the skirt. One of the benefits of going home, is always raiding my sister’s closet. Luckily for me, my sister’s an apparel design major and has excellent taste. This little skirt is something I “borrowed” from her and I’m glad I did. It’s uncommon for me (as of late) to wear such a form fitting skirt. I usually like mine fuller, you know, to create the illusion that my waist is smaller. But, you gotta mix it up. It was a splendid outfit for an unseasonably warm January day.

Percent Thrifted: 25%…but if you include my sisters skirt 50%



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} A New Do

Well yet again, I’ve neglected this little blog while at home but now that I’m back on the East Coast…things will be picking up speed again. One of the many traditions of my home visits is a stop at my friend’s mother’s salon. I’ve known both of them for at least a decade and my friend’s mom is always willing to give me a (free) haircut. I’m forever grateful that I have a successful salon owner who understands the plights of a college student budget. Going into the hair cut I was actually aiming for something closer to the iconic Vidal Sassoon Five Point bob from the 60’s. Alas, he never revealed his secrets to cutting the precise and geometric bob and my hairdresser was slightly intimidated (plus due to my last asymmetric hairstyle, my heads a little un-even), so I found a replacement. It’s simple, it’s retro and I can mess it up if I’m feeling a bit grunge. Overall I’m rather satisfied.

Percent of Outfit Thrifted: 83% (only thing new is the crop top)

New Haircut


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